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5 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

You can do yourself a big favor by upgrading and remodeling your bathroom. Doing so can not only help breathe new breath into your home´s life, but also add significant value to your home. Basically, if you remodel your bathroom, you will not only be able to enjoy the modern amenities, you´ll also be able to recoup a majority of your investment if you put your home on the market. Without beating about the bush any further, here are 5 tips for remodeling your bathroom in Des Moines, or anywhere else.  

Tip 1: Focus on waterproofing

If you don´t want your bathroom to fall apart, it is of paramount importance for you to waterproof your bathroom. It is highly likely for the water to spill out the basin or shower. If you don´t prioritize waterproofing, you will face serious water damage a few months down the track. We would highly recommend you to hire professional service for this.   

Tip 2: Focusing on storage

You don´t need to worry if your property doesn´t have a large bathroom space. There are many new storage innovations that can help your small space problems. If you have a compact ensuite, you should consider installing a mirror fronted cabinet above your wall-mounted basin. Doing so can help open up the room. If you must use a vanity, you should consider one with additional storage facilities such as towel racks, tilt-out drawers, wire racks inside the door etc. If you want to make your bathroom feel large and more spacious, you should also consider installing a transparent shower screen.

Tip 3: Deciding between essentials and luxuries

Before you focus on the bathroom materials, you need to think about the purpose of the renovation. Are you planning to reside in the property or are you remodeling for profit? If you are doing so for profits, you should consider the fact that not all buyers or rentals are willing to pay through the nose for luxurious add-ons such as floor heating. You need to decide between essentials and luxuries. It is always a good idea to do some budgeting and decide on the bathroom materials beforehand.   

Tip 4: Don’t touch the plumbing

If you rearrange the pipes and outlets while remodeling your bathroom, your remodeling costs will skyrocket to unbelievable heights. That´s why we believe that you should aim to keep the fixtures such as bath, tub, shower, sink, vanity, toilet etc. in the same place. However, if you must rearrange the fixtures, we would first advise you to speak with your plumber before you go out shopping. Doing so will give you a better idea of the total costs; then, you can decide whether it is feasible.

Tip 5: Choosing the right contractor/designer

If you want your remodeling project to be a huge success, you must pick the right builder. You can learn more about our bathroom remodeling at You should understand that you get what you pay for and cheapest isn’t always the best option when choosing a contractor or designer. Before you decide on a builder, you should ask him/her for his credentials, license, references, and check his communication and management skills.

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