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Des Moines, The Biggest “Small Town” In America

Des Moines is the capital city of the state of Iowa. It is also the most populous city in the state with 645,911 residents as of July 1, 2017. This is according to the United States Census Bureau. In coming years the projections are that the population of Des Moines will reach a million people. Des Moines is named after the Des Moines River which flows through the city.

The city traces its origin back to 1843 when a fort was built where Des Moines River and Raccoon rivers merge. The fort was named Fort Des Moines which is the name the city was incorporated with in 1851. The name is shortened as Des Moines.

Des Moines has been labelled the “Number one best place for millenials to live in the Midwest” and also the fastest growing major metro in the Midwest. This means at Des Moines you get a mix of both a large city with a small town feel.

If you want a place where you can connect with the neighbors and those around you at a very personal level then Des Moines is the town for you. People in Des Moines are very friendly and live as a community of friends and family. Activities such as the Downtown Farmers Market and sporting events are just an example of how communal Des Moines is.

At Des Moines even the most talented athletes and professional sportsmen cheer and support college and high school teams. Some of the teams in Des Moines include; The Iowa Cubs (baseball), Iowa Wolves (basketball), Iowa Barnstormers (Arena Football), Prairie Meadows (horse racing), Knoxville raceway (sprint car racing), Iowa Speedway (NASCAR and Indy Car Racing), Des Moines Menace Soccer (soccer), and Des Moines Buccaneers and Iowa Wild (hockey).

The teams get full support from all the residents of Des Moines and the games are packed with people of all ages and races cheering on their favorite teams and players in their favorite colors.

Working or running a business at Des Moines is a pleasure. In 2017 the city was ranked the number one best affordable place to live in the U.S. by the U.S News and World Report. It was also ranked the number 5 best place for business and career. This is all driven by how friendly the people of Des Moines are.

You can run your business in peace at Des Moines or get employed and propel your career to the next level in a fast developing city with a small town feel. You can easily walk, ride or commute to work at Des Moines as infrastructure is readily available. If you are looking for schools in Des Moines, IA, Drake University is a great option.

There are also many outdoor recreation activities that the people of Des Moines can engage in. There are many riding, walking or running trails that you will find the residents enjoying as they socialize. The city is also home to a number of parks where the residents get to enjoy outdoor recreation, wildlife and nature.

All the activities in Des Moines are a huge success because of how friendly the people in the city are. Although the city continues to grow every year and the population increases, you will still enjoy the hospitality and friendliness felt in a small town. Find out more about home remodeling in Des Moines.

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