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Get the Best Countertops in Des Moines

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and striking countertops make a real statement. If you’re looking for countertops in Des Moines, you might be torn between the rugged durability of natural stone and the more budget-friendly laminate. Dating back to the 1960s, laminate countertops were once incredibly popular then waned with the advent of solid surfaces. When granite countertops and quartz countertops entered the mix, laminate faded almost entirely into the background in all but budget homes. Manufacturers have now started producing higher quality laminate counters, and homeowner throughout Iowa are starting to see the benefits of this cost-effective material. Tile countertops are another option available in stone or ceramic but with a plywood base rather than the particleboard you get with laminate countertops. You probably have heard people talking about their granite or quartz countertops, but do you understand how these two materials differ?

Granite and Quartz Countertops

Quartz and natural stone like granite are naturally more expensive than laminate due to the cost of cutting and installing these countertops. If you’re prepared to invest in the very best stone for your kitchen, you might not be sure whether to go with natural stone (granite) or engineered stone (quartz), so what do you get with these stone kitchen countertops?

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are 100% natural. A slab counter will be sliced from a quarry, cut down to size, then honed until completely smooth. Since it’s natural, granite will contain flaws and imperfections. This surface will also stain if exposed to red wine. You’ll need the granite countertop sealed on installation and will have to continue sealing the surface over its lifetime.

Quartz Countertops

Quart countertops are up to 97% natural with polymer resins and color pigments added. Pricier than granite, quart needs no maintenance. All imperfections are removed and the resins help quartz counters resist stains.

Contractor and Installation

Once you’ve determined which countertops would make the best fit in your kitchen, you should choose your contractor carefully and think about installation. Some laminate countertops are easy enough to install yourself, but if you’re looking at quartz or granite, you’ll need professional installation or a top-notch kitchen remodeler. Your choice of countertops will widen considerably if you have them made and installed by a professional contractor in Iowa. Remember that the cheapest quote will by no means always be the best. Rather than being driven by the bottom line when looking for countertops in Des Moines, make sure the contractor is highly experienced and capable of delivering the finish your kitchen or bathroom remodel deserves. As the saying goes, buy cheap and buy twice.

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