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Premier Home Remodeling in Granger, IA

Whether you are looking for a full-blown kitchen makeover or an elegant bathroom vanity to complement your style – let us come in and give you an honest estimate and assessment of the situation. Paramount Kitchen & Bath was founded by Mike Simpson – a local, passionate Granger, IA kitchen remodel contractor with extensive experience. He embarked on his remodeling journey and has now become a local household name throughout the Greater Granger, IA area. Feel free to give Mike a call for any of your kitchen & bath remodeling needs.

World-Class Kitchen Remodeling

We tend to spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. So, it does make sense to have a kitchen with clean lines and an up to date look. Remodeling is a good option and can be done for a relatively low price, but it needs to be carried properly. There is usually a large amount of precision work involved.

This is why you want to entrust this project to an expert. Mike and his team offer a world-class kitchen remodeling service. With them, you know that the remodel will be completed on time while sticking to the agreed upon budget and timeframe.

Elegant Bathrooms

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are beautifully decorated, elegant sanctuaries within the home. Others are hopelessly outdated. If your bathroom falls under the latter category, it’s time to get Mike and his team in.

Paramount Kitchen & Bath will advise you on how to go about updating the bathroom and creating a space that you’ll love. This team is prepared for anything, and there is no bathroom too ugly to be saved.

Custom Cabinets to Suit Your Style

Would you like to use the space in your home to maximum advantage? Custom cabinets can help you make use of every spare space and ensure that you have ample storage room. Why not call Mike and get him to give you a quote on that custom cabinet you’ve always wanted?

About Granger, IA

Granger is a quirky little town in Iowa. You can see this straight away if you look a little more closely at the town’s water towers. One is marked, “Hot” and the other, “Cold.” The town itself has a population of under 2,000, so you get all the charm of a small village.

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