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The Iowa State Fair – America’s Hidden Gem

The Iowa state fair is a state fair held annually in Des Moines, Iowa. It happens every august and was started way back in 1854. The stare fair attracts more than a million people from all over the world every year and therefore it is one of the biggest events that happens in Iowa. The state fair has a mission to celebrate Iowa’s agricultural heritage.

The state fair achieves this by providing a quality environment where competition, entertainment and further education are offered to people of all ages. The Iowa state fair is one of the most famous state fairs in the United States.

When the fair started, it was being held in different cities in the Iowa state. The fair has been staged in Fairfield, Muscatine, Oskaloosa, Burlington, Clinton and other Iowa cities. In 1878, the fair was moved permanently to Des Moines. It is held on 450 acres of land of which 160 acres is campsites. The fair has been an inspiration for movies and novels.

It is the inspiration for the novel “State Fair” by Iowan Phil Stong. The fair is also the inspiration behind three motion pictures and a Broadway musical. It has also been ranked the number 1 event in Iowa by many varied national media and it has been featured in top selling books.

The Iowa State Fair is home to a variety of activities like rides, contests, games, concerts and also there are many different kinds of food to enjoy at the fair.


The fair is known for serving most of its food on a stick. This is done to enhance mobility so you can enjoy your food on the go. Food that is not served on the stick is served in takeaway packaging. There is a wide variety of food served at the fair to cater for all.

Iowa is the biggest producer of top hog in the country and therefore visitors to the state fair are treated to the best pork chops on a stick at the fair. Bacon wrapped hot dogs are also a delicacy that visitors get to enjoy. Find out more about the Iowa Caucasus in Des Moines, IA here.


There is a lot that happens when it comes to entertainment starting from the first day when the state fair parade happens. There are also concerts that happen during the event. Over the years many notable concerts featuring big names have been held at the Iowa state fair. The fair also hosts the Bill Riley talent search.

The talent search was started in 1959 and features children and young adults from the age of 2 to 21 years. The talent search competition goes on for seven days until a champion for the sprouts (2-12 years) and seniors (13 – 21) years are chosen. There are many carnival rides that people of all ages can enjoy at the fair.

Butter cow

The butter cow is one of the most iconic displays at the fair. The butter cow is displayed at the Agriculture Building where there are coolers to ensure the butter doesn’t melt off. The first butter cow was sculpted in 1911 by J.K. Daniels.

Since then the fair has seen a number of sculptors sculpt the butter cow. It starts off with a frame made of mesh, wood, metal and wire and then pure cream butter is used to fill the frame. The butter is recycled for use every year and can be used for ten years. Find out more about kitchen remodeling services in Des Moines, IA.

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