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LGBQT Friendly Des Moines

Des Moines is one of the most friendly neighborhoods to live and so business in the Iowa state and even the entire country. This has been indicated recently by Forbes and the United States Census Bureau. This however are statistics done for people with normal relationships.

When it comes to people who are gay, then a LGBQT friendly neighborhood becomes imperative so that they are not isolated in any way. Cities in Iowa has done a lot to protect the rights of gay and transgender people.

In a recent assessment Des Moines, Sioux City and Dubuque are the most gay friendly cities on Iowa. Des Moines scored 97 points in the assessment. The national average is 57% which means Des Moines scores way above the national average. The city recently employed a full time human rights director to enforce rules affecting the gay and transgender community.

This addition of the human rights director saw an increase of 15 points to get to the present 97 points. The city is likely to score more in the 2018 municipal index because it has added transgender mental health and surgical services as an employee health care package. Find out more about the extreme weather in Des Moines, IA.

Despite the city taking regulations to ensure that then gay and transgender community feels included in the community, there are also hotels, restaurants and night clubs that are gay friendly. Some of the gay friendly hotels in Des Moines include; Hotel Fort Des Moines, Union Park Place Bed & Amp breakfast, Embassy Suites on the River, Kingman House, Renaissance Slavery Hotel, and the Cottage B&B. Some gay clubs and bars in Des Moines include; The Garden, Buddy’s Coral and Blazing Saddle.

There are also LGBQT friendly restaurants in Des Moines including; Drake Diner, Ritual Cafe, New World Cafe and Legends American Grill. This means therefore that the gay people living in Des Moines can enjoy a normal dating, dining and entertainment life just like other people do.

The blazing saddle is the main gay bar in Des Moines. It was opened back in 1983 as a leather bar. The drinks and dancing, however, are what lure most people to the bar, gay or otherwise. However most of the activity is at the Garden which is the other popular gay bar in Des Moines.

The bar has drag shows in the weekend that are popular with gays and straight people alike. The Garden has four bars, a huge patio and a big dance floor which make it a favorite for many. The ritual cafe is dubbed the Girls Coffee House since this is where most lesbians love to hand out and have their drinks and specialty beers as they listen to live music.

Most of the gay population in Des Moines lives in the Sherman Hill Neighborhood. Sherman Hill is an urban neighborhood with a lot of rich history and architectural beauty. The area is also secure with low crime rate. Other factors that draw the gay people to the region are the factors that draw the straight community to the neighborhood too. Certain businesses demonstrate that.

Des Moines is a LGBQT friendly destination in all fronts and the people living there have accepted and included the gay community which has reduced hate crimes greatly over the years.

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